Professional Coaching

  • Unlock your full effectiveness
  • Step into your personal power
  • Increase your impact
  • Unleash your true self
  • Begin your next level of transformation
  • Discover greater ease and joy


Professional coaching for leaders, executives, and individuals to unlock your potential and achieve higher levels of effectiveness. 

“Before you can move in new directions, you must first let go of what's not working
for you.”

– Alberto Villoldo

What clients are saying

“I was increasingly feeling stuck. It was a true blessing for me to receive Andrea’s open, honest and incredibly intuitive insight and support. Through her coaching, she reawakened my inner healing. Together, we were able to get down to the core cause of my feeling stuck and figure out a plan for empowerment and healing. The work we did was profound and provided me with much needed clarity in terms of the direction of my life goals. I felt a renewed sense of purpose and energy in my life!” – A.E.R. Voutsas, Certified Professional Life, Christian, and Spiritual Coach

Are you ready to transform?

More client comments

“Having Andrea as a professional coach has allowed me to improve my executive presence, leadership behaviors, and business relationships for greater team and personal effectiveness. She helps me realize what drives me, positively and negatively, how to shift quickly to more productive behaviors, and discover high impact steps to take. She has made a difference for me in my career.” AC, NGO Executive

“Andrea provided me with gifted insight to overcome my limiting beliefs and stand in my confidence and strength. As a result, I increased my revenue streams and profitability almost immediately.” PT, therapist


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